Tuesday 29 May 2012

In Your Absent Presence..

In Your Absent Presence!!

In your absent presence, I remember you..
Feelings afloat..does it ever reach you?
So faraway leaving me lonesome here..
Heavy heart and sunken words of gravity..
Pulls me down in the sanguine depth..
No hand to hold..no shoulder to lean against..
A thousand unfulfilled wishes flanked by regrets,regrets and regrets..!!

An embarkment of silver lining..
Transcending from the spate of all griefs..
A swathe of love..a rendezvous with your halo..
A magnificient essence,a neon silhouette..
Distant care ..your untouchable beauty,
Waiting for the time to fly like a shooting star..
In the sands of introspection..growing ever palpitations..
Albeit the miles.. I fell you standing nearby...
Like  a ethereal bliss... forlorn I..
In your perpetual absent presence......

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