Saturday 9 December 2017

Solo Song!

You think This is permanent?
Wait before it disappears into thin air.
Time has magic
It defeats people.

You think forever looks bright?
People walk together, 
Kiss the horizon
And they set. 
Deep under the sea
Never to be found again. 
A new day sets in,
But doesn't the sun set again?

Think twice.
Is This permanent?

Couldn't it be if This is You?
Who is with you while watching the sun set?
Who is with you while stargazing ?
Who is with your heart constantly nudging your head?
Who is with you while daydreaming?
Who is with you while making that one plan workout?
Who is with you at every new year's resolution?
Who is with you while scribbling your checklist? 
Who is with you to stand up stronger?
Who is with you while writing about this mysterious This?
Who is with you while reading about This?

For once and all, vacuum the temporariness around you.
Make This about You.
Think twice.
Does forever look bright?
Because it holds This permanence.

Thursday 2 November 2017

About You.

I dropped a pebble
In the well,
Where it witnessed
The brisk fall against the rubble.

Deep down the darkness
I heard a thud,
Hitting the unforeseen puddle,
Making stronger the belief
That you create ripples.

However wretched things around you get,
However much the green gets decayed,
However hard you stumble on way,
However bad your goodness gets slayed,
Make the You stay.

Just like dew on leaves high up in the air
Or grasses down under the sun's stare
Never depart from the beauty's flare
Indifferent to the world's snare
Make the You glare!

Make the You outrageously glare!

Saturday 9 September 2017


How the winds roar
On days sore,
And clouds explode
To unravel the earth's ode,
And waves blend
With the morning sand.

Nothing like the same fable
Never more inexplicable,
That Rush in veins sweet
Every time those eyes meet.

Sunday 3 September 2017

Conflict of Love.

Yes?  No!
Right?  Left! 
Walk away?  Wait! 

Overshadowed by your spell,
Awestruck,  stood amazed, 
My perturbed sweet rebel. 
Before my conscience  bragged,
Of its undefeated echo of bell. 
Till you caught it off guard, 
For this second. 
Call for truce?  Fire ablaze! 
Let the conflict of love prevail!

PS: To food. 

Saturday 26 August 2017

The Little Kid

My thoughts saliently following,
The gentleness of the breeze
Under the sun's setting rays,
The clouds gimmicked.

My little feet unaware but embracive,
Toddled through the patches
Of the red stretch of Gulmohar leaves,
Veiling the earthly temporariness.

Owing to the majestic hues,
My twinkling eyes wandered
And stared at the exuberant sky.
Juggling with the celestial mights,
Struck the rain thunder
Drenching life with happiness, 
Emulating The Little Kid in me!

Thursday 27 July 2017

Falling In Love Again

Steering through the city lights,
Rejoicing the unknown
The frivolous hearts prance
In the befitting silence of the stars.

The travellers' eyes wander
Piercing through the roads twirling wider
Un-blinked they stare 
At the the canopy of trees
Answering the unending curiosity.  

Hours on the four wheels
Like fleeting seconds on reel
Until the blanket of air
Turned unprecedentedly surreal.

Every sense vying for their perceptions
Defeated by the lush green hills
Rain droplets empowering the freshness
Of soil, berries and plums! 

Did your soul ever
Get conquered by the magnificence of oblivion? 
Did your ears ever 
Listen to the loud trinkets of silence?
Did your eyes ever
Capture the transience of hues?
Amidst all these,  
I think I'm falling in love again!

Wednesday 12 July 2017

The Unseen Canvas.

In a world
Where the minds defy the darkness of nights
And the wings flutter faster than the wink of an eye
Where imaginations leap the altitude of the sky
And dreams welcome the nascent kiss of sunrise
Where the feet defeat the pace of a second's tick
And lush greenery blushes away from the intellect at its peak.

I stand still.
Hovered by the halo of dreams,
I am thrilled.
With a palette and a canvas,
I am eager and free
To discover colours everyone is yet to see!