Tuesday 7 August 2012



Dead pinching silence. A spurt of chill and sour gush smears down the spine,articulating my every strangled vein.  A chronic bout numbing even my tiptoes. The wind holds gloom and despair poised to desolate every single individual breathing there. Despondency stretches out to every hidden nook and corner. Elusive silence which makes audible the rustle of rueful hair locks. The elite oligarchs render words of tribute. Still,the transfixed phantom of silence traumatizes. Tears of grief gulps in the last words. Reflection of aghast faces hither and tither. A bereaved friend hobbles towards the dais and musters up to speak for her friend,bereft of life. Garnered words of reverence illustrating how happy a soul she was. And how she lead a life with no turbulence. Then why at all this disgraceful howler? None of us had any chance on luck to conclude to any apparent reason for this act of cowardice. She left behind her all the questions unanswered. I don't know her but grits hamper the voice in my throat. The omnipotent silence yet drowns in transcending all chronicles of disdain.

An intrusion. A minute one though. The heavy hearts sunken in grave depths rise above. The drenched eyelids shut down very slowly and gravity pulls drops of sorrow. Spasms of palpitation spread. Pallor prays for the placid peace  of the throttled soul.
Thereafter,releasing plenty of stifled sighs and eluding the hollow silence, tapers off the crowd.


  1. May the departed soul rest in peace. And may the Almighty give courage to family and friends.

    We can only pray for "Peace" though with the huge turbulence of sorrow and unanswered questions around.

    Life with all its spices, ups and downs is beautiful and precious.

    One should not resort to escape routes.

  2. yes,exactly!
    The family has been saddled with tragedy.
    Prayers for them to redeem their life to the yet normal course as soon as possible.

  3. heart touching...

    really truest description of the that moment..
    i could almost feel the pain...