Wednesday 30 January 2013

And The Dots Extend Forever....

The frail dot, punctuation of fear;
An irresistible sense of incompleteness, I breathe;
Every time you wave goodbye,
Your fading shadow converging to a naught,
Something I would never want to feel..
You turn around, my solace;
Woven with  esteemed admiration, my dream..
Entangled by a chilled rage..
And I stand there still, iced and stationary.

Fleet of time, another dot reached..
The possession of longing for each other..
Ever growing, everlasting..
Inception of forever..
Hiccups of innocent frays …
Succumbing to the sweetest realisation of nascent love.

The juvenile peters out colouring the next dot in the palette..
Words left unspoken engraved down in hearts ,
Glistening eyes sprinkling the care of real you..
The one to which I concede my soul.

Comprehensibility portrays the lesson of symbiosis,
The definition of the next dot..
The aura of tryst felt less often,
Distance apart and  the clock ticks..
Albeit, yearning for the dovetail to conjure..
Maturity dwindles all fears and strengthens our inextricability..
Your tranquil haven, my desire.

As I endeavour to croon the beautiful tale longer..
The tender fits of sorrow moisten this page..
Trust lasts, Faith forever..
Eternity clouds the sky,
Wavering into your smile, captured in my eyelids..
And the page turns..
Where hope blooms to dots innumerable..
Teaching number fifth the essence of immortality!!!! 

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  1. join the dots and the picture acquires meaning....