Tuesday 21 May 2013


From under the blanket of burgeoning stars,
The enticing moon saunters briskly..
Casting trails of the silver gleam,
Granting the frailest fragile a life.

The moon’s hankering..
Elicited by the freckles of darkness,
Thereby, croons a melancholy of its own..
“So close to reach that famous happy ending,
So close and still so far…”

The melody weeps deeper, when the moon..
Bumps against The Power that shines brighter,
A halo enveloped with The Love envisaged..
Just another dreamy instance or a dreamt reality?

The moon yearns the last but sentimental glance,
As the Power hovers and embraces the lull..
In the arms of its Love, snuggles the moon..
Henceforth gets purified of its jinx,
And drop by drop brims over the fortitude!!


  1. Amazingly beautiful !! :)

  2. Just one word: Enchanted!!
    "Dreamy instance or dreamt reality" is the best part of the composition

  3. Lovely feelings expressed in beautiful words !! Great going Ananya !!