Saturday 17 August 2013


Nascent dewdrop slithers...
Down the buoyant  leaflet of dawn....
Moist imprint of the quaint sunshine..
Hues of vermilion hiding beneath the sun kissed horizon..
Prances beyond..
Descending into dusk,bidding adieu..
Jasmine scented  moonlight,
Shimmers across infinity...
The ineluctable fragrance  envelopes you,me and the sky...
Whisking the world to..
The incomparable trance!!


  1. navjat os ki bunde ubharti bhor ke panne se fisalti hui. gunguni dhoop ki nam chhap. surya chumbit khsitij ke peechhe chhupta sindoori rang
    -my attempt at translating the beautiful description. :-)

  2. Oh woww... u should have translated smile for yourself..

  3. when you post a poem i usually avoid reading it as it seem quite declamatory and mundane. Today ,Well for some reasons i decided to give it a try and after reading it i would say it's captivating and absolutely elegant.

    Also , you should have a glossary at the bottom of your poem which would make it easier to apprehend.

  4. Ok di..
    . I would love to know d reason.
    ;-) give "blush" a chance..d last post...