Tuesday 11 March 2014

The Creator

A word little..in which vastness lies hidden beneath.. The inextricable love,warmth and care.. Maa.. Your presence is itself a melody. Sugar is no sweeter,  I opine.

Leaning against the hollow wooden bark..I ponder..and seek Your arms, Maa.
Such deep rooted is Your love...Put it on a beam and observe it gets snapped. So heavy is the value.. Any gravity can not alter its dimensions..Even God takes a bow.
Change is constant, they say. But is it,really? Or did I just find an exception to this adage? Or maybe not. Your love increases.. Increases exponentially and every elapsed second is the witness.
The Sun Supreme wins against the leaves' sieve. My shoulders sense the scorch. And I look for the pacifying touch of your warmth which lets disperse every vagary. Hence defeating the Supreme again. And I assume this would happen a million times more.. perpetually.. till the mortal life's existence. You are The Power, The Creator. You will win. Always.
I let my hair prance to the rhythm of the breeze.. wishing you would come to do my plaits, plant a kiss and say, " I missed you at the table girl.. Let us dine together. " . And I dream myself savoring the magic in Your hands.
There are times when I commit a wrong. Everyone does. Your proverbial light guides me, Maa..The worst of your lyrical rebukes are darn more soothing than the harsh world outside. Yes, they do not bother.. At all.. They are mean. Period.

Beside me, a mother pampers the babbles and coos of her child.. The world around me turns moist as I stay numb to the inhumane world. A force pulling it towards gravity.. I let go and it dampens the page of my diary. An ink blot in your reminiscence.

A grumble of pang synchronized with the fourth note of the musical octave. Possibly the call of my soul. And how I wish You take me in Your embrace and croon to me that lullaby till I fall asleep...

Missing You Maa!


  1. "harsh world outside. Yes, they do not bother.. At all.. They are mean.."

    All are not mean Ananya...search of the happiness around you...your MAA will never want you to be upset lyk dis...and you knw what, people with a good heart still exist...so instead of expecting bad people to care for you or to make you laugh spend time with your dear ones....
    i wish you to stay happy..:)
    god bless you...

  2. From the bliss of her all pervading embrace to her quintessential support, Maa is indeed above all. She is the proprietor of our fantasies, the protective custodian who solely envelops one's existence within herself.
    Very well expressed Ananya! A great beginning!

  3. "An ink blot in your reminiscence" Loved this line. Heartfelt, unabashedly sentimental and universal. Kudos!

    Also, the fourth note bit.. clever! But it is only effective for those who are familiar with the Hindustani and Carnatic nomenclature of the octave. For international readers, it might be incomprehensible. Oh what the heck! We've had to learn so much about their stuff. It's time they learned a li'l bit about ours too.

    Beautiful. Keep it up.

  4. One of your best... and most simple too! I liked most the fourth note of sargam. All through our life in our most agonizing moments, we sing this note only.

    "and worst of your lyrical rebukes" .... is true for every one..even for your Creator!

  5. 'A grumble of pang synchronized with the fourth note of the musical octave"
    bful... :)