Tuesday 15 April 2014

I'll remember YOU..

That dawn lonesome..
When the sun will  vibrantly blossom..
But not color our walls together..
I'll adorn a smile and remember YOU..

That afternoon sultry..
When there will be no hands friendly..
To reverberate claps jolly...
I'll breathe a sigh and remember YOU...

That dusk incomplete..
When there will be no feet to accompany the stroll on street..
To blurt out the day's despair..
I'll count our stars in sky and remember YOU..

That night dark throng..
When there will be no shoulders strong..
To soak the desolate tears stark..
I'll snuggle in to sleep .. But remember YOU..


  1. Beautifully expressed feelings of apprehended separation and anticipated remembrance. Good one!

  2. Beautiful stuff Ananya.... pleasure reading :)