Thursday 11 June 2015

A Self-ie-City

Every individual is reluctant to change. But I wonder how The Power drives it to a completely opposite route. How much we ever try to refrain from it, we are yanked off to the same lane. Emotions exemplify one of the attributes that define the timidity of mere human beings. Goodbyes may be difficult. But we still meet new people, get attached and bid a heavy hearted adieu. If the locus of subsequent events had to end up at the same instance, why would we ever start off ?  And it is now that you think of yourselves to be His puppets. But I opine that your emotional quotient drives you off on the wrong route, in vain. You are strong when you know that you always have a leverage over few keys. It resides deep within. It stays invisible. But always alert. Our soul. The inner voice. Our sole source of trust and happiness. And when the soul seeps through such a tunnel of secrets, then it is known as realisation. On a rhetoric note, it is self realisation, believed to be the most powerful source of learning.

It was like any other usual day when I returned back to my room after an overloaded day at office. "The housekeepers did the work well." Yes, the room looked tidy and I mocked a joke at myself. Keeping the smirk aside, I rushed to complete the chores to catch up with my daily routine. I took off my business formal heels and slipped my feet into my favourite sports shoes. And I experienced a sudden gush of delightfulness and pride. I felt at the top of my world. Not because I am proficient in a field, but because I am uniquely myself, a self content beautiful individual. I am going to be there with myself forever.

Call it a keen observation or a frivolous pass of a second. But I can wager upon this that the feeling of happiness is going to stick to me throughout  my life. Let alone the splendid sense of content speak that. A reason that would keep me reminding of my potential. And mould me into a better individual. An individual engulfed with self love and admiration. One who would never let the affection for self fade away. One who would not gauge self with the tumultuousness of a schedule or the bitterness of a mayhem.

Find time for yourself. Give your precious hours to your hobbies. Dream. Love yourself. To no limits. Within no boundaries.
Always remember, You are the one and only confident pilot who can land yourself safely even in the most crucial of all emergency situations. You are a concrete wall for yourself to stand against.

Stay confident! Live fit! Keep smiling!
After all why should we punish ourselves for no wrong?

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