Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Imperfect Two!

Drowned in the vastness of ruby,
Along with the fragrance and rays sunny,
The velvet of the sea unruly,
Played a jingle for the dew's coronation ceremony.
Awed by the perfection, claimed the dew;
Hey Rose! We ought to be the perfect two!

Indifferent to the trumpets of its beauty blown ,
And to humility, the rose gently bowed,
"Don't the dreamers wish to see the stars drop?"
"Don't the mountaineers search for undulations to climb up?"
"Don't the farmers yearn for the cloud's thunder?"
"Don't we admire the sea lose its rhythm to the ripples under?"
"Don't the painters color the craters on the moon?"
"Don't the believers betray the wind's swoon?"
"Don't we pray for the sun to set?"
"Don't we ask for time to wait?"

The Rose stared at its thorns and confessed,
"We are nothing but mere mortals;
Frantically searching for perfection,
While we cling to the most perfect imperfections"

Courtesy to the words of wisdom,
That the dew now admired its beauty droop,
And succumbed to the temporariness of the Imperfect Two!