Thursday 27 July 2017

Falling In Love Again

Steering through the city lights,
Rejoicing the unknown
The frivolous hearts prance
In the befitting silence of the stars.

The travellers' eyes wander
Piercing through the roads twirling wider
Un-blinked they stare 
At the the canopy of trees
Answering the unending curiosity.  

Hours on the four wheels
Like fleeting seconds on reel
Until the blanket of air
Turned unprecedentedly surreal.

Every sense vying for their perceptions
Defeated by the lush green hills
Rain droplets empowering the freshness
Of soil, berries and plums! 

Did your soul ever
Get conquered by the magnificence of oblivion? 
Did your ears ever 
Listen to the loud trinkets of silence?
Did your eyes ever
Capture the transience of hues?
Amidst all these,  
I think I'm falling in love again!


  1. This one is scintillating! You are getting better with words with each new poem Ananya. Keep this up. Very nice :)