Saturday 9 December 2017

Solo Song!

You think This is permanent?
Wait before it disappears into thin air.
Time has magic
It defeats people.

You think forever looks bright?
People walk together, 
Kiss the horizon
And they set. 
Deep under the sea
Never to be found again. 
A new day sets in,
But doesn't the sun set again?

Think twice.
Is This permanent?

Couldn't it be if This is You?
Who is with you while watching the sun set?
Who is with you while stargazing ?
Who is with your heart constantly nudging your head?
Who is with you while daydreaming?
Who is with you while making that one plan workout?
Who is with you at every new year's resolution?
Who is with you while scribbling your checklist? 
Who is with you to stand up stronger?
Who is with you while writing about this mysterious This?
Who is with you while reading about This?

For once and all, vacuum the temporariness around you.
Make This about You.
Think twice.
Does forever look bright?
Because it holds This permanence.