Tuesday 12 June 2012


Prologue then, flashback now;
In quest of adulthood then, teetering in the brink of reality now;
Outspoken then, pragmatic now;
Explodes of guffaws then, subtle tears of separation now;
Glances pried then,a tryst yearned now :)
Mirth of friendship then, distance of souls now;
Showers of glee then, pocketful of rues now;
Innocence glorified then, hovering responsibilities now;
Parity of souls then, skewed minds now;
Lane camouflaged with roses then, perilous impasse now;
Fancy dreams then, palpable expectations now;
Philanthropic hearts then, ostentatious deeds now;
Plucky all the time then, nabbed in traps now;
Waves of zeal then , ebbing lulls of disparity now;
Fun filled games then, exaggerated into howlers now;
Mere play fields then,wagers lost by a whisker now;
Credence then, clouded by paranoia now;
Oblivious of future then, lost footprints of childhood now;
An ethereal span then,cherished memories imprinted in eyelids now..
Dawdling childhood then, dawdling adulthood now..?
Satiated then? Satiated now??


  1. beautiful..and a brilliant use of words..!!! portrays underlying embers of longing, and belonging..
    u shud be proud, this is very nice :)