Sunday 1 July 2012

Roommate agreement paper

Dear XYZ ,
One may deem phlegmatic but there ought to be a few deals to morph your life into a merrier one!
Like any other fairly general person, I have my own perceptions and rules.

*I can share my heart out to u.. But I may go ballistic when you expect me to share with you my
#bed,blanket,pillow :P
#electronic gizmos(my life resides with them :D )
#outfit accessories(they are my jewels)

*It gets leery when you touch my belongings. So please avoid.

*Don't get fidgety on my bed. You have your own bed for that.

*When a pizza is delivered, I know it actually gets riveting. But that doesn't mean you jiggle around my bed. I may get queasy and spill over your food without any sincere apologies.

*I may remain disheveled, but that doesn't imply you throw your filthy clothes on my bed. Ices my blood and   I sleep there with my sweet dreams, grow up please!

*When you partake of some dish from my platter, I expect you not to dust off your hands anywhere near my plate. It's hideous!

*never pry into my cell or lappy. That's a sin.

*My mind is not a window through which you can peep into my thoughts.Let it drain.You might be instrumental in this outrageous flow.Still,just don't try fiddling in.
Remember you are no Philip Low who devised a mind reader machine for Sir Stephen Hawkings.
If you still are sure about reading my thoughts, You are a fool per se. :P 

*no slangs. It's gibberish :P

*When I say a NO, it's an ardent dissent. No amount of your  pleadings can even involuntarily impress me. 

*There should be no stealthy gossips. We are a room.

*Give me my space.

*Don't shoot me with questions flooding in your mind when am in no mood to answer. I just need some time alone :| 

*I love solemn realm. Don't meddle. Else it would result in spasms of fury.

*I like studies and ambitions but i hate geeks.

*I am reckless when I am working. Anyone could be. You don't need to mind it. 

*What you think about me is drab. Hokum. Apologies, I have no time for you then.

Might sound like words of a narcissist. But these are mere things that gnaw me.  Devoured by such situations, I simply lose myself, rippled with stark ire. So please cooperate!

Accompany and make a happy room! :)
You agree, I promise to never ever let you complain. You don't respect this agreement,go get some life. I am gonna stay adamant on these points.
Everyone has an equal right to share their views and turn down the problematic issues.
Don't misjudge me. I love camaraderie and clicking new people is my next hobby after blogging :) 
But stay aware, I may firepower back anytime if your actions demean my rules.
Share your points and stay glee before u turn into a monster void of human emotions ! :P


  1. wow..that sounds a lot like Sheldon Cooper :P one thing is for certain..u live a very organized, neat and compartmental-ised hostel life..and thats a great thing..! :) but do u think there cud be a single person who'll abide by every point u propose?? :O vry may well be a bazinga!
    nah well..juz kidding..a room wid the above set of rules wud be a hell of an ideal room..:) as fr me..most of the above are violated..there is no seperate stationary, plates, food, accessories nd stuff..everythng is shared..we are most reckless, untidy, make pranks all the time, have our cant expect to live 'happily' with a roommate and impose such harsh conditions upon him..sharing things and thoughts is accompanied by his views, advice, what he thinks about me and stuff..its natural, bound to happen, and should happen..if roommates just stay mum all the time and say only officially nice things to each other..they arent friends, are they..they are just, roommates..
    i have a crazy roommate, and we live a crazy lifestyle..but when i need him, he's there..he's my best friend, understands me best, speaks his mind to me, tells me straightaway when m being an idiot..
    its very nice and close that way too..which in many ways, is just opposite to your way :-)

    (i agree about personal space, pillows and some necessary silence at times..dont like anyone bringing their whole friend circle to my room and creating a ruckus..!)

  2. lol liked that comparison ;) he is instrumental in this post .. bazinga!!

    Exactly! they r all violated.. but u know what personal mayhem happens with me is that my sole self gets obscured when these so called imposed rules are not followed.. that has not completely happened with me yet..but considering just a possibility,what if?
    i felt a bit insecure when i pondered over myself during these hols :O
    what stretches to such an extent that finding yourself back becomes surreal..and what if even when i realise my loss, i am turning back..bcs u r soo deeply bonded with a person..transfixed :(
    just being rhetorical...what if!! nice if u sense that insecurity bothering me which provoked this agreement thing :D
    or else hostel life is considered to be really the best part of one's doubts :)

    thx for your views :))

  3. and there is nothing even close to i guess u know room is not going to abide by all of the rules .. :D

    and its good to know u have a friend like that..
    i mean if with a friend, u have your personal space..then that's what is called oddity for good ;)

  4. well i agree..! but i'd rather say it like, developing a friendship for life, rather than worrying about having to live without your mate..sounds better, and feels better ;-)

  5. i'd rather have a 500 page detention line or live a year without a computer than accept to that.... cuz i know i won't be following it.....

    But one thing for sure di, YOU GOT ME SCARED! a hell lot scared of roommate agreements (before my hostel life has started).... a little credit also to Big Bang Theory!