Saturday 1 September 2012


A streak of  bliss,
An incarnation of appealing bloom,
A linchpin of delight,
A punctuation of platonic love,
An assurance of lucid care,
A confession of the frail bond,
A lass' dimpled beauty,
A vermilion's plum blush,
A veil of sorrow,
A mole of chronic pain,
A camouflage of the eventual tears,
A cover of pretense,
An ember of broken heart,
A deep wail of loss,
A disguise of satire,
A dreamer's reality,
A burrow of coveted wish,
An evidence of sublime fame,
A company of oblivion,
An unscathed reflection of belief,
Smile,the harbour of umpteen fantasies!


  1. It is really very thoughtful! Good selection of words.

    Don't you think sometimes the smile is mysterious as well? Not fitting in any of your defined classes? :-)

  2. hehe yup!
    i have actually unfolded all the mysteries you are talking about.. :P ;)
    smile no more is a mysterious affair :D
    it is indeed a very comprehensible phenomenon varying from one situation to other.

  3. Then would you please classify Monalisa's smile? Some say she had a toothache, but some people say she was actually not a woman but a man!!

  4. Good! The poem actually and completely defines Monalisa's smile.

  5. metaphoric and thought provoking. Good! keep posting.

  6. Words.. Thanks for making me get back to my lexicon!!