Wednesday 12 September 2012

Dreamy Dawn,Starry Night!

Every dawn wakes up with a new ray of hope. The last night's dream did caste an explicit indelible imprint on me.
A coveted trance...
Spread of river adinfinitum riddled with placid,calm,transparent blues. Scorching sun's mercy alleviated by the exotic flakes of drizzle. Unveils it's sublime aura, the seven hues across the horizon softly brushing the prancing ripples of blue. Awestruck by the iridescent palette, a painter's hallmark quest. Birds fly, sunlight fades, clouds hover, voices peter out.
Amidst this panorama, the perpetual, lively dream flanked me. Augmenting the glory, the shine, the mirth. Dwarfing the dark fits of fear.
A chilled gush of fragrant air beats us. Slithers down my spine, intensifying the cold.  The charming sturdy dream, holds on longer, darting away the gloom. A loop of dreams, a soothing blanket of love, a magnificent touch, an ethereal pristine smile, an invaluable everlasting essence.
The cold, however, disturbed my dream. Left me covered with all the love, my dream fades with a conjure. And I sleep alone in the la la land.

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