Tuesday 16 October 2012


Some say it is a blank dormancy.
Positivism says it is an uninhibited arena of imagination where you carry the umbrella of your developing cloud of thoughts.
Optimism says it is a very productive,momentarily mortal but loud, short termed span which you extract for yourself under which you can perform unprecedented wonders.
Fantasy says it is a haven where you are the princess,where you are the utmost beautiful girl with an angelic demeanour and where you enjoy the rights to commit mistakes,where you can be simply you.
Just explore yourself if hitherto unexplored.This would surely dent your mind.

Void instead could be a resultant of events.The smallest wonder also drops by on earth with a term. There are umpteenth shades of void. The threshold entails a void of myriad vibrant colors. The departure involves a void as  well. An outburst of vivid emotions entrails into an involuntary void.A void of cheers follows an elementary win of  a novice team. The gloom-doom void of a mob's agitations. The void along the path of success. The void of bottlenecks of Indian economy. The void in a condolence. The void after a silent evening. The dramatic void of a melancholy. The solemn yet void of pride at the pinnacle of your dreams. The void reflected after you bid adieu. The void diagnosed after  a departing touch.

Void, a resonant boomerang. Void is the loudest and sharpest sound. Void is a witty self space, a proverbial light, a breakthrough moment.


  1. What would you call...
    a face void of expressions?

  2. it gives me a feeling of an entrenched are from a distance which can suffocate a person if he/ she drowns deep into it......
    in short fantasy frm a distant approach which is in reality a trap