Saturday 2 August 2014

Happy Friendship Day!

A sleepless night? Insomnia? No. I would call it a night solemn, but when I was all with  myself. When memories were playfully prancing and plucking strings of joy and mirth of togetherness but tears of distance and time. I felt the void and an urge to fly and make my presence ubiquitous. And that is possible only in a world of fantasy. So, did I keep sulking? I do not really know and I will not want to allude the the mystery of the night so easily. Infact I leave it to the reader's thought process.

The clock did not yet strike twelve. But I was ready with my contacts. I had to ping many. And I am so lucky to feel this day to be an important day of celebration. I called my sister and chatted for not so long this time. And she was already on a tease spree as to why have I called her few minutes earlier and not exactly at twelve. One,two, three... and on and on. A few strained relations but this day makes me forget all. I had spared the tick of twelve for that special life support system of mine. We talked for long,obviously. The beauty lies in the fact that even parents did not rebuke me for the pandemonium I had created last night. Because they knew I was the happiest girl enjoying midnight. Every person that I pinged yesterday did create an aura of memories that I loved cherishing yesterday and will keep it in the pages of my diary for an entire lifetime. And finally my eyelids got moist. And that is when yester night became even more memorable.

Maa called me to sleep. It was late and I had to attend a seminar the next morning. But I did not want to turn in. I wanted to sit back and cry. In happiness? Memories??  Last year it was not the same. Round the clock,how did one year just pass.. I again do not know. 
Come and sleep,beta. It is too late and you have to complete chores and study. 
And then the inner voice.. it tried to construe. Maa, last year it was not the same. I had lots of fun. I miss all of them. All my friends. I want to relive those memories. I want to cut a cake with the best of my friends and party and dance and sing along.
That is when she replied in just two words.. and dozed off again. 
"Time changes."
The bell rang. Yes, I had heard this someday or read it somewhere. And understood it. But now I had learned  the depth of this one liner. And I could connect the dots.. Time changes but not the memories. They remain fresh like the nascent petals of a beautiful Rose throughout one's life. And I am the happiest person on earth to have so many a petal which I can decorate in my garden of memories. A realization? An enlightenment? I  again don not know.

But now I surely found the joy that I was rummaging for. I turned in..snuggled and tried to sleep. I played all the songs which made me remember you. And felt content. My pillow sensed a little moistness. But it absorbed it all. 

Every day has some importance in life to celebrate and enjoy. And different people hold importance in one's life. Do not regret it. Enjoy, instead.

To all my friends,
Here I am ending this note to wish you the happiest of all friendship days. God bless all.
Missing you all but radiating a smile. And looking forward to celebrate this day with the same mirth and zeal. 


  1. Happy Friendship Day THE BLOGGER GIRL....Keep up will up the good work and
    you will achieve new heights and you will come across great buddies , was nice to have a company of such nice blogger friend. Btw u are awesome and A good nature human being .....All the Best

  2. Ananya...a brilliant mould of literature and emotions it is...keep it up...proud of you...miss you...Eesha

  3. Ananya...a brilliant mould of literature and emotions it is...keep it up...proud of you...miss you...Eesha

  4. Chotu sa mistake ho gya... :-P

    'love reading your blog always.. :-)

  5. dituu :* n i love yyouuuu always! :D :*

  6. Haa..!!! You can never be.. ;-)

    And don't comment like fb.. :-D
    Let your blog's comments be filled with words of praise..