Sunday 24 August 2014

Jollity Is Wherever You Feel.

Beautiful stereotyped mornings had become my daily routine until today happened. Today was not just another cog in the wheel. To find pleasures in the smallest of small things that you do is sheer aristocracy in one's own way. You must be thinking to yourself now. What  revelled me to this extent? I will be glad to end your curiosity.

For three months and twenty one days, I have been in Kolkata. And I stand with undisputed awe at the amicability and alacrity of this city. There is a magic in its air which I preferably call "The Kolkata's sacrosanct Essence". It is not just about the big buildings of antiquity but also the Sun, streets and residents. And tea in an earthen pot :)
Fascinating..isn't it? Yes, I had tea at a roadside stall and in an earthen pot with the two most trusted persons of my life, Maa and Papa. And believe me it was absolute contentment. Until now, I did not have a clue how a kulhad chai( that is what they call it) tastes. But now I know.

The rush at the tea stall early morning when the clock ticks seven itself reveals the charm of the city. Gleaming yellow taxis, the hustle and bustle of traffic.. the city wakes early. Morning walkers, pet lovers, or a group of octogenarians iterating the laughter exercise. All this makes me think..people of this city are aware. Papa parked the car. And we took our chairs and settled. I was the happiest in the group! It knew no bounds. A very social group of about fifteen sat next to us in a circle. Lucky souls again. They have a big circle in this grim world. The chirrups of the morning birds faded by the resonance of the political opinions of people around. Early morning, a cuppa tea, mates and a healthy discussion. What else is a blissful life? Some ten steps away, I saw the atmosphere was not the same. A couple placating each other. But that is the oddity of life. You know the taste of pleasure only when you have overcome pain. Period. 

I was sitting with myself when one of the fifteen very enthusiastically asked. So where do you live? Maybe because he found us to be there for the very first time. "Chotu"..Someone jeered. "Jaldi jaldi saheb ko chai de aa". And his little feet rushed. His fingers were scorched,but he was paid a few bucks for it. And he was happily doing it. The large group greeted him with love and affection. And even he enjoyed being cuddled. Who doesn't? When again he was called back by his master. Every little thing is momentary. Times change.

"Madam". I sensed the sound waves coming in my direction. Here he was. Chotu with my earthen cup. I received it  with a smile. A smile engulfed with good wishes for him and his family. Only if he sensed. The aroma of a tinge of ginger lingered in air and traveled my thoughts. Refreshing! And I took the maiden sip in an earthen pot to taste the jollity of life.

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