Sunday 31 July 2016

Wrong Turn

Astray and disquieted,
I heard thundering whispers
Crawling into the crevices of penitence
Nourishing the delusion.

The immortal delusion,
Empowered by mere souls
and occluded by their perspective.
You, the delusion, loom heftily, 
Is your might bright enough
to garrote my glistening little eyes?

Huzzah to You,
I am a mortal,
Halt delusion! 
Did you skip a costly point?

Yes, I am a mortal.
I am gifted
With two companions,
One, the beautiful time
and two, the dreamy I. 

Time has taught me patience 
And I have bought for myself,
A Beautiful Wrong Turn,
Bidding You, the delusion,
A reverberating Goodbye!

Yes, My Wrong Turn,
A road long as it is,
rippled with stones,
that hurt my plight.
Yet so sanguine,
yet so yearned, 
henceforth, illuminating the bliss of my fight.
Treading along with me,
in quest of Holy Wine,
 my beautiful Wrong Turn,
to the Path of Right!