Friday 19 August 2016

Let Her Fly!

The eyes unfolded
To a world unknown,
The poise it beheld
Amazed galore.

Fumes of despondency,
"Who will take the legacy forward?"
Alleys roared in silence,
Subsiding murmurs of scarce joy.

Clinched in Pink knots;
Aghast the hands wandered.
With a whimper,
Pink implored,
"Let me fly! Let me fly!"

Oblivious the feet,
Kept running;
And tripping.
But never stopped
To the Pinkish orthodox whims.

Frail, but nimble;
It danced to its drumbeats,
Against barriers;
Higher than the brink of Pink.

The arduous Pink fiercely soared high;
Plucking the inhibitions stark;
Seeded in their minds,
In unison;
I applauded,
You cried and we yelled;
"Let Her fly! Let Her fly!"