Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Real And The Surreal

A mere surreal deceit in disguise,
Wavering to a wisp of hope..
An insight, a magnanimous frame of dilute intimidation..
Chapped and deepened by stark smolders of the real,
Smiles stifled, ecstasy dwarfed..
By the phantoms of regret and rue,
Despondency dons, obscuring truth with a marvelous finesse..
Uncanny hollers drowning the surreal in the real..
The farcical promises nurturing bogus dreams intense..
At the deception point the real and surreal all conjure..
A vortex of inundated hysteria looms afoot..
Chiding the deep rooted faith inimical..
The real flanked by expletives of reprimand,
The surreal weeps and weeps, ferreting out for the real..
Vying for righteousness real and surreal,
They, the inextricable dovetails walk hand in hand..
Departure excruciating.. transfixed flail they..
Punctuated by the salinity ingrained in eyes..
A nascent lesson..impermanence emblazoned in my life..
Rhetorical me,
Standing on the precipice of the panoramic vantage point..
The real alludes,
Everything I touch with tenderness,
Alas! the surreal,
Pricks like a bramble...

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